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Zhan Zhuang Yiquan is both an excellent martial art and a very effective system of health cultivation.

Yiquan for self-defence:

  • develops whole-body power in a comparatively short time
  • simple and effective (no difficult movements or complicated forms)
  • anyone can learn it
Yiquan for health:
  • a completely natural system with no harmful side effects
  • its system of Zhan Zhuang exercises is famous in China for its health benefits
  • great for building and maintaining health

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Yiquan for You:

  • it is fascinating
  • builds strength through mind-body integration
  • the journey of discovery through its practice is never ending

Yiquan (pronounced yee chuan), also known as Dachengquan, was created by Wang Xiangzhai after a lifetime of practice and research into martial arts. His goal was to create a system where students would learn without being distracted by 'empty forms'. He therefore created Yiquan (Mind or Intent Boxing) to re-focus on internal energy training.

Yiquan is very effective as a martial art. Its effectiveness has been tested in numerous competitions and informal challenges. Wang Xiangzhai and his students were among the top martial artists in China.

Yiquan is designed in such a way that students can progress in clearly defined steps from learning how to unify their body to acquire whole-body strength, through learning how to handle their opponents using this new way of moving through to fighting applications. The complete training consists of seven sections:-

free sparring
  • Zhan Zhuang
  • Shi Li
  • Mo Ca Bu
  • Fa Li
  • Tui Shou
  • Shi Sheng
  • Ji Ji Fa
  • standing postures
  • testing of strength
  • friction step
  • release of power
  • pushing hands
  • testing of voice/breath
  • combat practice
free sparring

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