Glossary of terms

The following table represents a list of the most commonly used terms in Yiquan. If you feel some terms are not described properly or are missing, send us an e-mail.

fali - release of power. Issuing power of the whole body in an instant.

jiansheng zhuang - health stance. Basic zhan zhuang, either still or with passive movement, in standing, sitting or lying down position.

jiji zhuang - combat stance. More advanced zhan zhuang with active movement.

mocabu - friction step. Method of practising stepping as if wading through mud. A neccessary component for maintaining whole body power whilst stepping.

moli - sensing strength. Exercises for learning how to discriminate components of whole-body power.

pushing hands - two-person exercise (similar to those in Taijiquan) for testing and developing skills.

shili - testing strength. Practice designed to learn and exercise movement with whole-body power.

shisheng - Voice testing. Exercises for augmenting strength using breathing musculature.

tui shou - see pushing hands

whole-body power - method of producing power in the whole body.

zhan zhuang - standing pole. Exercises for integrating body and mind - a pre-requisite to building whole-body power. Also used as an excellent health exercise.

©Karel Koskuba, 2001